My Golfing Journey from 2008


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Photographs taken from 2008-2012 finishing with NCAA Nationals in Kentucky.

US Open Qualifying 2014

The photo below was taken at River Landing in Wallace NC, during the first round of qualifying for the US Open.


Score on the day – Level par 72 which included an unfortunate double at the 18th  (Drive hit the cart path and went OOB)

Playing a controlled chip shot…..

Position the ball toward the back of your stance

Chip 1

For distance control and feel~ maintain a light grip throughout the stroke (Do not tense)

Chip 2

Stay level throughout the shot and keep eye contact with your strike point.

Chip 3

Accelerate through the shot, do not break your wrists, let the club do the work.

Chip 4

River Landing – photos by Brian Dorn

Tee shot during my recent pro tournament at River Landing -Wallace, North Carolina





The North – South Cup Results

Here are the final results from the matches:

Four-Ball Matches (Monday)

Match #1: Barry Pierce & Scott Lambert (North) def. Erick Fowler & Scotty Newell (South), 3 & 2
Match #2: Ben Burkhalter & Chris White (North) def. Jacob Johnson & Matthew Workman (South), 3 & 2
Match #3: Chris Hensler & Justin Riker (North) def. Kyle Gregory and Joel Stark (South), 2 & 1
Match #4: Bryce Aronson & Chase Adams (South) def. Joey Schneider & Sam Soots (North), 4 & 3

North Team: 3 points South Team: 1 point

Singles Matches (Tuesday)

Match #1: Barry Pierce (North) def. Scotty Newell (South), 8 & 7
Match #2: Ben Burkhalter (North) vs. Bryce Aronson (South), Halved
Match #3: Matthew Workman (South) def. Sam Soots (North), 1 up
Match #4: Joey Schneider (North) def. Jacob Johnson (South), 2 & 1
Match #5: Joel Stark (South) def. Justin Riker (North), 4 & 3
Match #6: Chase Adams (South) def. Chris Hensler (North), 3 & 2
Match #7: Chris White (North) def. Erick Fowler (South), 2 up
Match #8: Scott Lambert (North) def. Kyle Gregory (South), 6 & 5

North Team: 4.5 points South Team: 3.5 points


The North – South Cup 2014

The North team won the event with 7.5 points, thank you to River Landing for being exceptional hosts…



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